Iranian Journal of Geophysics (IJG) is a technical geophysical journal published by the Iranian Geophysical Society. This journal publishes research/scientific articles; five issues (four in Farsi and one in English) per year. The objective of the IJG is to introduce activities, researching, and innovations in advancing and education of geophysics and related sciences in Iran in the form of research articles. The IJG provides the basis for the connection between the Earth scientists in general to geophysicists in the more specific term. The IJG expresses its readiness to receive Farsi (Persian) and English articles. The IJG welcomes those who are willing to submit research/scientific articles, reviewing articles, providing discussion and constructive comments to promote the scientific level of the journal.


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Current Issue: Volume 16, Issue 1, May 2022, Pages 1-233 

Original Article

Study of the effect of low-level jets on genesis and transport of dust in the west and southwest of Iran

Pages 1-19


Mehri Hashemi Devin; Abbas Ranjbar SaadatAbadi; Ebrahim Fattahi; Sara Karami; Saviz Sehat Kashani